Why are people so inclined towards applying for an EB5 visa?

EB 5 US Visa or even EB visa is quite popular amidst prospective immigrants these days. The EB5 is one of the easier visa types for those applying for a US green card. There are some other types of US visas, but they are not nearly as popular. The EB5 is still a very sought-after type of US Visa. The best EB 5 attorney makes it easy to obtain this kind of visa.

EB5 is needed for those who want to live in the United States or have lived here for a while and want to apply for an immigrant visa. This can be obtained through many different agencies. It is important to note that each application is handled differently by the agency. EB5 is easier to obtain this way, and that is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. The requirements for this green card are quite strict.

You can live there for more than three years

One of the requirements for obtaining this visa is that you have to have lived in the United States for more than three years. You must also have two years of social security. EB5 is easier to obtain with these requirements. It is worth noting that if you do not meet these requirements you will have to wait for a longer period to be approved for the green card.

There is no need to go through a complicated process

Another reason why EB5 is so popular is that there is no need to go through a complicated process. The requirements are straightforward, and there is very little room for error. This is a good thing because the risk of error greatly diminishes. The US green card application is now much simpler to handle than it used to be.

Can be used by anyone of any age

A final reason why the EB5 US Visa is so popular is that it can be used by anyone of any age. Anyone living in the United States can use this opportunity to enter the country. The requirements are even easier to meet for those people who do not meet the above reasons. This is good news for people who would otherwise not be able to get a visa. This makes the US much more welcoming.

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