5 Exhibition Stand Design Ideas to Follow In 2022

Bold colors and bold textures are key elements to creating a striking stand, but you should limit the use of more than three colors and avoid making the design look overcrowded. Exhibitors should also integrate existing branding into their stand design, using modular display elements and flooring as core features. A striking image or video is essential to make an immediate impact but beware of overusing images as this can dilute the overall impact. If you are thinking to participate in an exhibition, be sure to get help from exhibition stand suppliers in Dubai.

Pop-up stands:

Exhibitors can incorporate a variety of elements into their exhibition stand design. Ultimately, it should represent the product or service they’re promoting and give visitors a memorable experience. However, over-designing a stand can confuse the customer or confuse them. Experts in exhibition stand design will help you understand your stand’s purpose. For example, you can incorporate a bar or coffee station and keep a stock of giveaways in your stand.


Regardless of what type of trade show you plan to attend, eye-catching graphics are an important aspect of your booth design. Fabric-printed graphics are a sustainable solution for your trade show display and are highly durable. Moreover, fabric-printed graphics can be reused for future expos and events. You can save money on printing costs and get your branding done again!


If you’re looking to build a stunning display at your next trade show, consider incorporating an immersive experience. Gaggenau’s stand has been a hit in the past, which features a seven-meter gold bar with bubbly bubbles rising from its center. The display’s translucent acrylic spheres were designed to mimic the physical behavior of sparkling bubbles, while a lightning system enhanced the visual effects.

Laminate flooring:

The trend for 2022 is all about the beautiful look of laminate flooring. This flooring material is becoming increasingly popular due to its affordability, gorgeous look, and ease of installation. Many laminate flooring exhibition stand design ideas are sure to impress your clients.

Color-changing acrylic graphics:

Among the trends for exhibition stand design in the coming years is the use of color-changing acrylic graphics. Such graphics can create a visual effect that will attract visitors and keep them engrossed in your stand. The concept of color-changing acrylic graphics can also be applied to exterior displays. The transparent material also allows the light grain wood displays to be the focal point of the stand without distracting visitors from the message.

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